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Pistol and Gallery Rifle Section

Range Rules

  1. All guns will be carried on and off the range in a slip or bag.
  2. A nominated Range Officer will supervise all shooting on the range.
  3. The Range Officers decision is final on the range and no discussion will be entered into.
  4. Any dispute is to be put in writing and given to a section committee member to be taken up with the final committee The committees decision is final.
  5. No gun is to be loaded until the instruction to do so is given by the Range Officer.
  6. Shooting will commence on the Range Officers command.
  7. Once loaded guns will only be pointed downrange into the backstop area.
  8. All shooting will cease at the Range Officers command.
  9. Guns will be cleared by the Range Officer and benched.
  10. The Range Office will then give the order to go forward.
  11. No gun is to be touched once the go forward command is given until the Range Officer says so.
  12. No targets are to be attached to or placed on the mantle, anyone doing so will be asked to leave the range and will be reported to the committee for appropriate action to be taken.
  13. All members are responsible for safe gun handling and may take up the matter with any miscreants.
  14. All guns will be proved clear before bagging and removal from the range

Failure to follow the range rules will result in the person being asked to remove themselves from the range or club


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